Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photography ideas

Photographie Dans La Salle De Bain

A light bulb went off in my head as I was looking at some pictures from National Geographic. Most of the time when going to a restaurant, hotel, office building or other places offering services, I have a tendency to take a sneak peak of their bathroom. I have this fascination with the interior design of a bathroom. It's either the colours, the facilities, the lighting used, etc. Basically the whole appearance. For example, I went to a restaurant located in Manhattan and the bathroom had a red glass wall embedded with branches and vines. I have never seen that before and just simply wondered about the extent of a person(s) creativity.

Interior design is the packaging for a company. Yes! you may offer great service, great food or what not, but if your place looks like you only spent a few dimes to put it together, you are not going to get the clientele that you desire. I strongly believe that the appearance and location of a business attracts the kind of people that your business looks like. For instance, businesses that use a lot of art work, interesting and funky pieces will attract people who have a broad perspective about things and appreciate art.

Anyway, as you all may know, I am developing my passion for photography. I think it might be interesting to start taking photos in bathrooms around the world. It's a thought. Tell me what you think. I do think it may sound a bit absurd but I think it might be quite interesting.

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