Monday, July 27, 2009

Union Square, Manhattan

Where else would you see a crowd of peace-loving, care-free people dancing for absolutely no reason? Union square!! I had a great time there last Friday. I decided to take a train uptown to clear my head and also get a bite at my new favorite location, Whole Foods. Later, I found myself sitting on a step in Union square eating blueberries. I became aware of the elements that Union square has to offer. It is one of the most interesting places I've ever been. Even though it is just a small spot, it is surrounded by many stores, dining areas, and supermarkets. Many vendors set up their goods, art pieces, books, clothing, jewelry etc. I was lucky to get three fairly new books for a total cost of $1. That was definitely more than a bargain.

Not only can you find bargains, but you can also find a lot of talent in this area. Many break dancers, contortionist, drummers, of course artistic talent through paintings, photography and many other types of creativity. All these are displayed throughout the course of the week.

This is one place where you can simply be yourself , take pictures of interesting people and meet these unique individuals. Just find a comfortable spot or look around and you will be amazed of some of the things that you will see or find here.

Only in New York....

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