Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Epoch of Fashion Sense

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to help out a friend at a vintage flea market. This was my first experience 1) into Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York 2) at a vintage market so I was definitely open to this new experience.

Williamsburg is another city in NY where I would definitely love to live. The area is full of colour, artistic images, aged architecture, many eateries to choose from and also an interesting array of fashion sense carried by uniquely dressed individuals. This type of environment will stimulate whatever inner artist that may lie dormant. As a lover of the arts, especially photography, I ALWAYS take my camera. You simply do not know what interesting shots you might miss! Also, since Williamsburg is another fashion centered location, there are a lot of small stores where you can buy interesting clothes, jewelry, shoes etc, from up-an-coming designers.

Artists & Fleas is another flea market where you can find loads of interesting and very cool things. It is located on N. 6th Street between Bedford and Berry and is open every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-8pm. Here, most of the products sold are hand-made with interesting concepts and designs.

The stall that I worked at, displayed hand-made jewelry made from silver, copper or gold plated wire, semi precious stones and/or water fresh pearls. The images below shows the variety of jewelry sold with unique designs to suite your type of personality. There were other stalls that sold jewelry made from different paraphernalia such as bullet casings, bugs, wood carvings and the usual gold and silver. Artists & Fleas also sells vintage dresses, screen tee's, shoes, scarves etc.

Jewelry made from shell casings and other military paraphernalia, Earrings made with real bugs, rings made with old typewriter keys

Lanna hand-made Thai Designs and "Make Your Own Jewelry" Stations

Jewelry made from wood carvings

Williamsburg has a lot to offer, from vintage to new-age. As you can see there are a lot of things to see and buy. You also have the opportunity to interact with some pretty cool people. It's really nice to walk into a place and witness many talents, crafts and an epoch of fashion sense!

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