Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ashtanga Yoga

Today I spent the latter half of my morning experimenting with Ashtanga Yoga. Known for its combination of movement and breathing, Ashtanga yoga detoxifies the body, focuses the mind and inspires the heart. Although I started with the introductory poses of Suryanamaskar A, most of the basic poses were a bit difficult to combine with proper breathing. However, I enjoyed the relaxed and strengthening feeling that I felt through-out the practice. I had a sense of self-worth when I finished what I could. I was not pushing myself to learn everything in one day, like I always do. Quality is better than Quantity when it comes to yoga.

I have always wanted to experiment with yoga but always found myself making up excuses, like I don't have money to go to class or to buy a CD or what not. However, yesterday I decided, well, that I might as well start somewhere and went to Barnes and Nobles and bought a Ashtanga Yoga DVD for only $20. On this DVD you are guided by an acclaimed yoga instructor Nicki Doane. I chose this type of yoga 1) because it was introductory 2) the instructor was a woman which empowered me to learn more and 3) the combination of breathing and movement. One thing I struggle with is breathing, taking in the vital amount of oxygen to energize the cells in my body.

This DVD definitely made Ashtanga Yoga easy to follow. The calming music in the background and the voice of the instructor, put your mind at peace and allowed you to focus on breathing. I was actually more aware; when I was breathing properly or not. Although some of the poses were physically challenging, I didn't give up knowing it was my first time. You can only get better!!

Yoga is said to deepen your personal insight, and lead to greater strength, serenity and peace within.

Yoga is 99% practice 1% theory

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