Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Learning Begins

Thankfully, I've had the chance to work with some very good photographers in New York, offering assistance with lighting, carrying equipment, updating files, actual styling and make-up advice and whatever other assistance the photographer needs. Also, modeling and learning about the basics on photo-editing using Light-room and Adobe Photoshop Cs4. I must say the pay-off has been extremely beneficial. Now that I am in Miami, FL, pursuing more career opportunities, I hope to have that same luck finding photographers that I can work with and learn a great deal.

The pictures above are from my very first photo-shoot. It was located just below the Brooklyn Bridge. An area where, I believe, many great pictures whether from novice or professional photographs have been taken. The photographer I worked at the time was an acquaintance from my university. I believe she's a perfect example of photographers with a passion because she basically taught herself everything. To this day, her work keeps getting better and better, so when you are looking out for me, look out for her as well (Candita Robertson of C.Lyte photography) We started off by doing test shots. I was the subject to test the lighting since the model was getting ready at this time. ( I am the girl in the black shirt and coloured scarf). I must say I still have it in me! LOL!! After that, the photographer asked me whether I had anything to add to the model's make-up or style which turned out to be minimal but made a big difference. She was engaging me in the process which is one thing I really enjoyed. I felt apart of the team rather than just the person controlling the lighting! The actual picture taking process showed me how comfortable with the camera you have to be. You need to be open, not afraid to get your hands dirty. To get a great shot, you must be on the ground, in the grass, up in the model's space, what you have to do get that shot. It's very important because the end product is YOUR work.

The second and third photo-shoots I was able to book simply by taking a risk and going on craig's list. I searched for a photographer who was willing to train and work with me for free. It seemed like that day was my lucky day cause that was the very 1st post that I saw and applied. I sent the photographer a few of my images and she contacted me within a day saying that she saw that I had a passion.

It turned out that she was a photographer from Spain, Laura Dominguezv, looking for someone who was also interested in learning. She's awesome! I've never worked with anyone as energetic and creative as her! She taught me more about the importance of lighting, the risks you need to take to get a good shot, and a photographers movements, artistic direction and vision. She always mapped out what she wanted her photo-shoots to look like, the location, time of day, and how she wanted to go about the shoot. Each shoot had a sort of story line.
With her, I had the opportunity of directing the model(s), giving ideas on different types places to shoot at the location, positioning of models. She has a lot of vision! The picture on the left with the model in in the hat was my very first time working with her. I'd always remember 2nd shoot we had on the roof of her apartment. The male model was on the edge of the roof and the female model was standing up on the edge putting the heel of her shoe in his mouth. I had to hold the female model's hand making sure she does not fall to her death. My heart was literally racing, overcoming my fear of heights and the fact that someone's life was in my hand. These are some of the pictures from that day. They are my favorite. Here are three of Laura's shots from that day...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it is because of the experiences one has undergone taking that shot. Whether it is the thoughts going through one's head, the environment, person or people that you have to encounter and the constant flow of inspiration coming from all areas! It really is a story.

Thanks for reading!!

Dannyasia The Roamer :)

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